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08:18 New Poem: Leavetaking
#poetry #

10:08 New IK Drabble: His Turn
InuYasha Fanfic #

10:17 I feel hyper today. Hope I can focus this energy into some original writing.... #

11:24 Dark earth releases / Red radish and green mustard – / this springtime’s first fruits.
#poetry #haiku #

13:08 @VoodooBanshee Feel better! I'd send you some of my energy today...I seem to be a bit hyper.. #

14:18 New Poem: Early Summer
#poetry #

14:18 @bananacave You can do it! Go for it! #

15:52 @kriscynical Nice when you can get things organized the way you want! #

16:02 @VoodooBanshee Sometimes, rest IS what you need. #

22:36 @psyco_chick32 Good title, no story...Doesn't that suck? #

22:37 @psyco_chick32 really sux when they use journalists as political pawns like that... #

22:39 @psyco_chick32 Mythbusters and IY...I love it... #

22:49 @psyco_chick32 LOL. I usually make up the title a half a minute before I'm ready to post... #

22:49 @psyco_chick32 Oh it would. You need to write it! #

22:50 @psyco_chick32 I got a feeling they did this cause they may use them to work out some deal or the other, #

22:59 @psyco_chick32 Oh, I know. It's a shame what happens to journalists that get back luck... #

23:00 @psyco_chick32 Titles used to intimdate me. #

23:04 @psyco_chick32 I never used to title my poems... #

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