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Drabble: His Turn

IK Fluff, nothing more. 

His Turn

They sat in the front room, watching the embers in the fire pit grow low, but a single lamp cast warm highlights over them as Kagome sat behind her husband.

InuYasha’s  hair, long, and silver-white, slipped through her nimble fingers like fine silk.  She was actually rather envious of it in some ways, how fine and thick it was, how easily the comb slipped through its silver lengths.  This was becoming a regular ritual of theirs.  Late at night, after Atae was soundly asleep in the sleeping room, she would pull out her comb and he would turn his back to her and let her pull it through his hair.

“There,” she said, pulling the comb through one last time.  “Done.”

Before she could get away, he turned and held her by the wrist.  “My turn,” he said.

She smiled, and handed him the comb, but he shook his head.  Instead, he pulled her into his lap.  “My turn to make you feel good,” he said.

“And how are you going to do that?” she asked.

He slipped a hand under her robe until he found the soft skin of her thigh, running his fingers gently along the smooth, silky skin.  “Trial and error,” he said, running his mouth along her cheekbone. “I’ll try, and you’ll tell me if I’m doing it right.”

“How will you know if I don’t say anything?” she replied.

“Believe me, I’ll know,” he said, brushing his lips against hers.  She moaned lightly as he broke the kiss.  He smiled.

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