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Drabble and Oneshot: Steam Rises

Ooo! I got a pretty:

for this drabble: Steam Rises:

Thanks everybody!

Then I turned around and did an expanded version, and you can tell me which of the two you like better!

Steam Rises

The steam rose up from the bathtub, easy to see in the lamplight, but InuYasha wasn’t looking.  For the moment, he stretched out in the warm water, eyes closed, letting the day’s stresses fade.  The water came up to near his shoulders and  his hair made silver ringlets in the water, and he sat there, breathing easy, looking relaxed and at peace.

The quiet of the room was broken as a door slid open.  Not yet ready to move, the hanyou refused to react.  The only sign that showed he noticed was a triangular ear that cocked as the door slid closed and a small breeze disturbed the steam.

“You look rather comfortable,” a soft, female voice said.

He sat up a little higher in the water and cracked an eye open just in time to catch his wife’s taking off her kosode and hanging it on a peg.   The pale blue fabric hung limply in the moist air as she left it to move through the steam  toward the tub.  InuYasha rather enjoyed the view of Kagome walking across the room nude, the lamplight and the steam  highlighting her curves in interesting ways. Her black hair cascading down, she bent over, giving him a nice view of her backside, and picked up the bath bucket.

“How’s the water?” she asked, dipping the bucket into the tub.

“Just right,” he replied, smiling.

She sighed.   “At least something’s going right today.”  Walking over to the bathing stool, she sat down and poured some of the water over her head.

 He watched as the warm water washed down her body, across her breasts and the soft roundness of her tummy.  As she scrubbed herself with a bag of rice bran, he sighed, a contented, if wistful sound.  It had been a few days; something else besides the steam was thinking about rising.

“Little guy asleep?” he asked, trying not to sound too hopeful.  It had been a long and hard day,  and Atae had been particularly clinging.

 “Finally.  I only had to tell him  the Peach Boy story three times  before he settled down.” She dropped the scrubber.  “He’s really interested in how the oni king gets killed.”

“Ah,” he said.  “That’s my boy.”  He slid a little further into the water.

Turning towards him, she watched him thoughtfully for a moment,  a knowing look in her eye as if she were deciding something.  She poured the last of the water over her, then stood,  stretching  her hands up over her head in a rather catlike manner, arching her back and tossing her head back.   It was a maneuver designed to catch her husband’s eye.

She heard him breathe in hard, then turned and smiled.  “Got room for me in there?”

His eyes had gone from pleasantly relaxed to  heavy lidded and dark.  “Only if you can take the heat.”

“You know I like it hot,” Kagome said, swaying intentionally as she walked to the tub, then slipped into the water.  With practiced ease, she leaned up against her husband’s chest.

InuYasha took another deep breath as his arms wrapped around his wife.  Things were definitely looking up.   Pretty soon, Kagome thought so as well.

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