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Drabble: Gift Wrapping

I guess Returning has now become story arc, since here is yet a 3rd piece that goes with the idea.  I guess it's only fair.  It was the image of the kosode mentioned in this piece that started me writing the whole thing to begin with....

Gift Wrapping

Kagome stood in the bathing room and sighed as she looked at the mud-stained condition of her husband’s clothes.  Shaking her head, she dropped his dirty kosode on the pile of damp towels on the bathing room floor, then moved over to the stool where she had laid dry towels and a blue bundle.

She turned and looked at him, naked with dripping silver hair, his ear twitching as he watched her looking at his dirty clothes.  She smiled at the sight; there was something precious about how he looked like a nervous little boy, afraid she would be upset. 

Suppressing a giggle at the thought, Kagome handed him a towel for his hair and then picked up the dark blue cloth. Unfolding it, she revealed a soft summer-weight kosode.  The crisp fabric was decorated  with white birds in flight.

“Oi, woman, where did this come from?” he asked as she lifted his towel-draped silver mane and  slipped it around his shoulders.  The birds danced across one shoulder and down his sleeve.

“I made it.  It was supposed to be a surprise for when you came home.”  She brushed her hand along his shoulder to make sure it fit right, running along the fabric of his collar, and pulling the fabric across his chest.

“Well, if I was supposed to be surprised, it worked, because I am surprised.  I like it,” he said, tracing the wing of a bird with one finger, admiring the quality of the fabric.  “When did you work on it?”

“When you were out of the house,” she said, pulling the garment closed and tying it shut with a white sash.  “I got most of it done when you were gone this last trip.”  She tugged on his sash to move the knot to the back.

A claw-tipped finger lifted her chin up. Her blue gray eyes met his amused amber ones.  He brushed his lips across hers gently, in thanks, then heated the kiss up.

“I love it.  But it seems a lot of work for something you know is going to come off in just a little while,” he said, nuzzling her cheek.  The breath of his words brushed across her ear, making her shiver a little.

“It’s like wrapping a gift,” she said.  “The nicer the wrapping, the more fun it is to see what’s inside.”  And with that, she kissed him back.

After a moment, they both decided both dirty laundry and dinner could wait.    

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