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Tweets for the day:

09:21 You know you've gotten addicted to writing when you start working on the next piece before you have morning coffee.... #

09:52 @kmoaton Oh yeah, I've done that one. I never leave the house without a notebook. #

11:00 New IK oneshot: Returning InuYasha fanfic #

11:01 @VoodooBanshee I love to get 8 hours but like you 6 is my norm... #

11:32 @quirkyslayer Is it wrong of me to want to write a Rinne's Granny meets David Carradine comic humor is perverse.... #

13:32 Wow. Son came for two days, and has decided to go back for his friend's funeral. I wonder if he's really going to come back later.... #

13:33 But I think it was good that son went back for the funeral. He might find it's better to be with his social net rather than moving here.. #

15:32 @VoodooBanshee hugs, girl.... #

15:34 Son drove for an hour, turned around and came home...interesting... #

22:56 New Poem: In Bits and Pieces
#poetry #

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