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Drabble: The Unhappy Place

Sessh/Adult Rin, ca. June, 1563.

I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi

The Unhappy Place

“My Lord, does something trouble you?”  Rin looked up from her needlework, watching Sesshoumaru as he stood watching.

The youkai, standing on the veranda, closed his golden eyes for a moment and  turned away from the vista before him, the rolling land beyond his mountain.  Far in the distance he could smell the smoke of man’s inhumanity to man as humans warred. Much of his life he had seen the results of how humans preyed upon each other without mercy and then pointed their fingers at youkai for being wicked.  And even now, they continued in their strange blood sports.

Part of his mind swirled in contingency plans if the men involved  decided to turn this way, another part considered, and found that likelihood low.  He shook his head to clear the concern from his mind.

“No, Rin.  This Sesshoumaru was merely looking out at the distance,” he said.

“Ah,” she said.  She set aside her sewing, placing it carefully in its basket and then stood up.  Her sleeves stirred gracefully as she moved next to him.

As she stood next to him, his golden eyes and stoic face softened gently, as if warmed by her nearness.  He drew her in front of him, his chest to her back, resting a hand over the small swelling of her abdomen and the child who lay beneath.  She rested her much smaller hand on top of his.

“Do you miss it, the world out there, my Lord?” she asked, leaning back into his hold.

“Why would you ask that, Rin?”

“Because Rin sees you staring off into the distance so often.  Rin does not want to be the cause of her Lord’s unease.”  She turned in his hold until she faced him.  “She wishes only for his happiness.”

 “This Sesshoumaru stands guard over what gives him happiness.”

“My Lord?” she asked, resting a hand along his shoulder.

Sesshoumaru’s lips gently touched her forehead. “The world out there is the unhappy place, Rin.”

For a long moment neither spoke, as he held her, letting her rest her head against his chest while he glared with narrowed eyes at the world outside, on guard and ready.

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