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Almost fluff.....(attack of the fangirl blues)

Kagome: "I'm sorry, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha: "You don't have anything to apologize about, Kagome."
Kagome: "I..."

Kagome: "It hurts. That I can't do anything..."

Inuyasha: "Don't worry about it. Besides... the fact that he went to
the trouble of sealing your power..."

Inuyasha: "means that to Naraku and Magatsuhi, you're a force to be

Kagome: 'I'm... that powerful?'


This really doesn't scratch my fluff need. But the pics (which I have only seen in Chinese scans so far) that go with this feel fluffy and make me want to sigh. Poor Kagome, dreaming she fails her high school exams...finding out she can't use her spiritual powers.

But InuYasha was kind and upbeat.

But what about Sess!

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