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Poem: Gratitude

IK  for a change.


as he lays there,
silver hair cascading over his pillow,
touched by moonlight,
his arms wrapped around her,
the black-haired beauty
who swam against the current
and gave up so much to be with him,,
he listens to her soft breathing,
and  remembers the darkness,
long nights like a knife blade
cutting through his heart,
when sometimes he ran for hours,
looking to outpace the emptiness
echoing inside,
a place
that only her voice,
her touch,
her soul could fill

Only the flickering flame
of a uncalled for hope,
and the sure knowledge
he did the right thing,
and trust
kept the night from crushing him.

He contemplates, then,
the reward of that trust,
the warmth of her breath
brushing against his arm,
how her curves nestle against him,
how full
the empty places have become,
and he knows
that he is blessed more than he deserves,
and in gratitude,
silently thanks whoever listens
to the prayers of the lost.
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