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The FA Awards are accepting nom's now...

Yeah, I'm no longer co-owner, but I still think it's a worthwhile organization and want to encourage those who want to, to participate. And it's the only one I know of to honor both fic and art.

Where to sign up if you haven't participated before:

useful link:

Ineligible fic and art:

Categories  Fiction

Best InuYasha/Kagome Romance Fiction - Any fiction in which InuYasha and Kagome are romantically involved.

Best Drama Fiction - Any fiction that contains a combination of love, hapiness, and emotional ups and downs.

Best Ficlet - Drabble or poetry of any genre or pairing with a word count of 800 or less.

Best Angst Fiction - Any fiction that portrays an intense feeling of internal emotional strife in one or more of the characters.

Best Romance Fiction - Any fiction in which 2 characters are romantically involved (excluding the InuYasha/Kagome pairing).

Best Humorous Fiction - Any work of fiction that evokes a feeling of amusement in the reader.

Best Oneshot Fiction - Any fiction that spans the length of one chapter. This can also be a fiction that contains more than one chapter provided that each one was posted at the same time and specfically deemed a "oneshot" by the author.

Best AU/AR Fiction - AU is defined as fiction which transplants familiar characters into situations totally different from canon. AR is defined as fiction evolving from a change in the canon timeline.

Best "In-Character" Fiction - The portrayal of any InuYasha character that is true to the canon universe.
*PLEASE NOTE - Your nomination must include the specific character.*

Best Lemon - A fiction containing a well written, sexually explicit scene.
*PLEASE NOTE - All nominations must include placement. This means that the chapter and opening line (the sentence that leads into the scene) must accompany your nomination.

Best Yaoi/Yuri - A fiction that portrays same sex couples in a romantic/sexual light.

Categories Art

Best Character Portrait - Any artwork that is a 'still life' of one or two characters. It may be bust only, bust and torso, or full body. The portrait should seem more 'professional' than a snapshot in its form and presentation, and should successfully convey a sense of the character's canon personality to the viewer. Portraits should all be canon and not AU/AR.

Best AU Artwork - Artwork in which the characters from the canon universe of InuYasha are taken out of that universe or time period and placed in another, non-canon, universe or time period.

Best Kiss Artwork - Any artwork that features two characters from InuYasha kissing

Best Heterosexual Artwork - Any artwork portraying the characters of InuYasha engaged in a male/female sex scene or a scene hinting at a sexual relationship

Best Yaoi/Yuri Artwork - Any artwork portraying the characters of InuYasha engaged in a male/male or female/female sex scene or a scene hinting at a sexual relationship.

Best Dark Artwork - Artwork that portrays depression, angst, and sadness. Or depicts death, suicide, or rape.

Best InuYasha/Kagome Romantic Artwork - This artwork must have InuYasha and Kagome interacting in a romantic way with one another.

Best Romance Artwork - Any romantic depiction of two of the characters of InuYasha (excluding the InuYasha/Kagome pairing).

Best Group Depiction - This artwork must feature 3 or more of the InuYasha cast to be eligible.

Best Humorous Artwork - Any artwork which evokes a feeling of amusement in the viewer.

Best Overall Artwork - The quality, time, thought, and emotion that went into this piece is what would make it worthy of this nomination.
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