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Earlier this evening....

a dark thing happened to my oldest stepson.

My son, who is not quite 23, called me.  My son had found his roommate and best friend  dead in his bed.  The poor friend had lost his father about a month ago, and had other issues, and the police suspect an od situation.

Son, who lives about 350 miles away in another state, is very distraught and wants to come home. 

I'm kind of wanting him to, even though we really don't have space for him...he's kind of fragile anyway and has had some substance abuse problems, and had just been getting his act together, and been clean for a good bit of time...most of a year.

I'm kind of scared that instead of coming home, he'll look up old friends and get talked out of coming home and get  high instead.  Heaven only knows what'll happen then.

Keep my poor boy in your thoughts.

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