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IYFG results are in...

And i want to thank those who nom'd, seconded and voted for Future Legend, Fireworks, the Snow Woman and Fortunate. 

Congrats to the other winners, too! 

Best Action
1st - Pack Law by psycochick32
2nd - Beside You in Time by RosieB
3rd - The Price by Fenikkusuken

Best AU/AR
1st - Minoue by Doggieearlover
2nd - Waiting on a Wish by Quillwing717
3rd - Ghosts by RosieB

Best Canon
1st - When She Comes Back by Karaumea
2nd - Future Legend by knittingknots
3rd - Keeping Watch by britedark

Best Characterization
1st - The Price (Inuyasha) by Fenikkusuken
2nd (tied) - Music Soothes the Savage Beast (Inuyasha) by TouchofPixieDust
2nd (tied) - Orders (Byakuya) by forthright
3rd (tied) - Love Thy Enemy (Sesshoumaru) by Drake Clawfang
3rd (tied) - Unexpected (Miroku) by forthright

Best Comedy
1st - Erectile Dysinformation by King Baka
2nd - The Domestic Dog by Aryndiel
3rd - Dog at Heart by Tally_Mark

Best Crossover
1st - Nihon Idol by LuxKen27
2nd - The Power of Love by landofthekwt
3rd - Tales of the Night by Kurai Mori

Best Darkfic
1st - Until My Dying Day by BlackMamba07
2nd (tied) - Blood and Ashes by Doggieearlover
2nd (tied) - Heartless by Karaumea
3rd - The Demons Within Us by White Dire Wolf

Best Drama
1st (tied) - Peace Treaty by piratequeen0405
1st (tied) - Heartless by Karaumea
1st (tied) - A Fool's Redemption by Grumblebear
2nd - The Knife of Romance by InuGrrrl
3rd - Settle the Score by Chri

Best Lemon
1st - When She Comes Back by Karaumea
2nd - Exhibition II/II - Housewarming by sesshys_jaded_ samuri
3rd - The Syndrome by Sunset Miko

Best Original Character
1st - Shades of Gray (Kagejiro) by fallenangel7583
2nd - The Price (Buyo) by Fenikkusuken
3rd - The Bargain (Hisoka) by forthright

Best Oneshot
1st - When She Comes Back by Karaumea
2nd - Future Legend by knittingknots
3rd - Special Delivery by Doggieearlove

Best Poem
1st - The Snow Woman by knittingknots
2nd - Fortunate by knittingknots
3rd - Innocence Lost by wbk

Best Songfic/Poemfic
1st - Night and Day by landofthekwt
2nd - Nothing Else Compares by Gakusei

Best Romance: I/K
1st - Shrine Prostitute by FlameTwirler
2nd - Unexpected by forthright
3rd - A Fool's Redemption by Grumblebear

Best Romance: M/S
1st - Absolution by kmoaton
2nd - Busy Hands by Snowfall
3rd - Identity Crisis by Lady Griddlebone

Best Romance: Other
1st (tied) - Everyday Love by Priestess Skye
1st (tied) - Facets of a Living Jewel by Licentia Poetica
2nd - Somniloquy by The Second Coming
3rd - Revelations by Priestess Skye

Best Serial
1st - The Price by Fenikksuken
2nd - A Simple Kind of Life by iloveprettysilverhair
3rd - The Secret Key to the MeidouSeki by Amara Anon

Best Short-Short
1st - Fluffy by Aryndiel
2nd (tied) - The Beast Within by psyco_chick32
2nd (tied) - Fireworks by knittingknots
3rd - Contemplation by LuxKen27

Best Yaoi/Yuri
1st - Uke by TwistedHilarity
2nd (tied) - Once Upon a Rooftop by InuGrrrl
2nd (tied) - Deeper Than Brotherhood by Demitria Miriam
3rd (tied) - The Wolf at the Back Door by Possessed
3rd (tied) - Once Upon a Lifetime by InuGrrrl

Hidden Treasure
Coda by LuxKen27

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