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So here it is, the night before I go offline for several days....

My cellphone is internet capable, but it's a pain to do and eats power.

So, I have packed my reenacting clothes and gear.

I have packed a small suitcase with my IY profiles book in case I forget how to spell something basic, my IY art book so I can look at IY back when he wore pink and once again wonder at how much better I like RTs drawings than the anime versions, several books on Buddhism, both from a pure land and a zen pov, an assortment of books dealing with samurai culture and military things, and all my background printouts.

This is my "If I didn't bring it and needed it, I'd be desperate, even though I probably won't need it anyway" kit.

But if I'll do, I'll have it.


(And you haven't seen the stash of spinning fiber and three drop spindles and distaff and wool cards and wool to be carded.

But have I packed any street clothes? NO!
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