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Tweets for the day:

08:53 @quirkyslayer tell me. won't let me in, with a 500 code...and if I go to I get a long error report. #

09:11 @quirkyslayer I feel cut off.... #

09:36 @quirkyslayer oh, I am the first to admit it...very, very addicted to my web places... #

11:04 @kriscynical have a good con... #

12:34 New Poem: Call
#poetry #

12:57 @quirkyslayer I think Granny's my favorite character right sneaky. has plots going. #

13:00 @quirkyslayer get a little more backstory under my belt, may have to write some about her.... #

14:15 @quirkyslayer I would expect no less of you...but for me to write something besides original or IY would be different... #

15:03 @quirkyslayer Not particularly guilty about it, just never cared about any other fandom enough to write about it...LOL. #

21:03 Better headphones are really a wonderful thing to find.... #

22:38 @quirkyslayer I'd be irritated, myself.... #

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