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Drabble: Too Hot

late night IK fluff....

Too Hot

It was a warm summer night, breathless and humid.  The two of them lay on the futon, cotton kosodes open and draping around them, but not obstructing much.

InuYasha, his silver hair glowing warmly in the lamplight, rolled his wife on her back, and kissed a string of kisses down her throat and in between the warm mounds of her breasts.  Listening to her breathing and gasps, he moved his mouth lower, past her waist.  His nose nuzzled a circle around her navel.  Her back arched at bit at the contact, and she moaned.  In return, he let his tongue draw a warm circle where his nose had tracked.

“Ah!” she said as his tongue dipped into the sensitive cavity, arching up in the sensation.  He lifted his amber eyes to look at her face, eyes closed, wrapped up in the sensation.  He raised himself up on his hands and knees, just high  enough to slide himself back up her body.  

Their noses nearly touching, he smiled at her, and said, “I thought you said it was too hot.”

Kagome’s arms slid under his silver hair and shoulders. “It’s going to get hotter yet,” she said, and wrapping her legs around his waist, went on to prove her point.

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