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Drabble: Treasure in Hand

a little IK fluff...first piece I've been alert enough to write for days...

I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi

Treasure in Hand

InuYasha picked up one of Kagome’s hands.

They were sitting in the garden not far from their house on the mountain one late spring afternoon. Blossom time had long since passed and the grounds were green with the growth that said summer was almost on them.  Water cascaded into a small pond, blending with the sound of wind in the tree branches to make a pleasant sound.  Scattered in little drifts,  early flowers added a splash of color.  The voice of their son, chasing butterflies added a pleasant top note.  The sun was warm, but they knelt side by side in dappled shade, content to sit and watch.

He ran his thumb across her fingers.  They were not quite as smooth and callous-free as the first time he touched them like this.  Working for her family had marked them some; he could feel the mark of the hoe and other tools.  He turned her hand over, and traced lightly the scar along one finger where she had cut herself, being startled by Atae, coming in to show her one of his finds.  There was one small burn scar on the back of her hand, where she had splashed the tea water, thinking he had been wounded by an oni.

InuYasha looked at his wife as she sat there, dark hair glistening in the light when and where the sun touched it.  For a moment, she watched him touch her hand, and then she looked up.  He, catching her blue-gray eyes in his, brought her hand up to his lips, where he gently kissed the soft skin.  Flashes of how that hand felt  touching him in the dark of night  flashed behind his eyes.  He breathed deep, thinking of its power over him, to comfort, to warm, to drive him to passion.

“Mama! Daddy!” their son cried out as he ran across the grounds.  “Look what I found!”

Kagome smiled at her husband, a small, smirky but knowing smile, then she leaned forward to kiss his cheek.  “Tonight,” she whispered.

Smiling back, the hanyou dropped her hand to open his arms and catch their happy son.  Wrapping his hand around the much smaller hand of his boy, he oohed appreciatively at the small treasure his son had brought to share.

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