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Poem Just Another

When you think of the movie Brazil, Voltaire, and current events at the same time, the results are pretty much guaranteed not to be an IY poem....

the inversion of
happily ever after,
scatters this beautiful spring day
like a newspaper in the wind,
dripping like an ugly snowcone
melting away
in cap and trade
carbon streaked tax
on tobacco and beer
slushing into a plain box
of twenty-two shells
and corn turned to fuel
costing more carbon
while people grow hungry
and madcap rules
bind left and white and in between
dripping down
while the sun shines.
A wolf,
twenty miles from my house,
turns her back on the mess,
and lopes down the trail
looking for elk.
I catch the paper,
and after a quick glance,
throw it on the compost pile.
Life goes on.
Plucking a weed out of my lettuces,
I get back to work.
Just another day at the races.
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