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Oneshot: Fishing Lesson

InuYasha and Atae...Father and Son fluff

Fishing Lesson

They lay on the stream bank, just peeking over the water.

“See the fish?”  The older of the two of them said softly.

“Yeah,” the younger one replied.  “We gonna catch’em?”

“Watch first.”  The older pointed a clawed fingertip.  “Which way are they sitting in the water?”

The younger one scratched behind a triangular ear.  “To my right?”  He sounded uncertain if that was the right answer.

“What’s to your right?”

The younger one frowned and looked thoughtfully around him.  “Don’t know the right answer, Daddy.”

“What way’s the water flowing, little guy?”  He rubbed his son’s hair between his ears.

“Upstream!” the boy answered.

“That’s right, Atae.  River fish like to sit in the water facing upstream.  The water tells’em a lot of stuff, like the air tells us.  What can the air tell us?” InuYasha asked.

“Smell?” the little boy asked.

InuYasha nodded.  “Anything else?”

Atae thought for a moment. “Noise?”

“Yeah, they don’t like splashing.  Now let’s see if we can figure out where they like to hide.”

InuYasha got up on his knees and looked at the bank.  “Come here, son.   Look at the bank. See where the bank hangs over the stream and there’s some shade?”

Atae nodded.

“River fish like to hide in places like that.”  InuYasha stood up.  “And if you’re lucky, sometimes a rock or a log will do the trick too.”  He began to walk.  “There’s a place up here that has fish in it a lot.”

When they reached it, InuYasha sat down on the ground and took off his suikan, then lay down next to the stream.  He  motioned for Atae to sit by his head.  “Some fish are funny critters.  If you rub their tummy just right, you can pull them right out of the water.  Let me see if there’s one here.”

He slipped his hand under the water and in just a moment, he pulled out a nice big fish which didn’t even try to fight.  He showed his son how to hold it by the gills and then put his jacket back on, and laughed as the boy squealed when the fish tried to shake free.

“Hold him good, son, and Mama’ll cook him for dinner.  If you don’t, he might get back into the river.”

Atae held on tight.  “Wow, Daddy, you know a whole lot of stuff!”

InuYasha smiled and patted his son on the head.  “Be sure to tell your uncle that the next time you go visit!”

“Yeah!” Atae exclaimed.  “My daddy is the best!”

Smiling broadly, InuYasha led his son, still holding the thrashing fish, home.

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