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Drabble: Lessons

IK  Autumn 1563  Follows after Sensei InuYasha


Kagome put the weight on the pickle tub, and stood up, brushing her hands off.  Finishing that, she washed the bowls and put away the salt in her kitchen, and began gathering the laundry.  She dropped the basket of clothing down under the shade of a nearby tree, and went back to haul the laundry tub out.  Not seeing husband or son, she went back in, and grabbed the buckets to go fill up her tub.

As she headed out the door again, she bumped into red.  She looked up into her husband’s amber eyes, who looked at her carefully.  He took the buckets from her hand, and dropped them on the porch.

“Woman, you are working too hard,” he said

“But – ” she said, trying to get around him.

“Ever since Atae started going down to Miroku’s to learn to read and write, you’ve been acting like this.”

She blew a black strand of hair out of her eyes.  “Like what?”

“Like you can’t quit working. ”

She sighed.  “It’s just so quiet here when he’s at Miroku’s.”

“It is.  You’re right.  But that doesn’t mean you have to work twice as hard.”  He looked at her, a playful grin touching the corner of his mouth. “I could give you something else to do, if you need it.”

“Oh?” she asked.  “Like what?”

“Lessons just for you,” he said, and scooped her up, carrying her into the house.

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