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Tweets for the day:

06:58 Some LJ folks are really getting irritated with loudtwitter for some reason. I've decided to turn loudtwitter off for awhile. #

08:47 @kmoaton It is supposed to be just that... #

08:48 @quirkyslayer you noticed that slownesss too? #

09:10 @quirkyslayer except to gripe about people who use livetwitter. I think it finally wanked itself into semi-oblivion. #

09:20 @quirkyslayer I saw some other things, but I thought I'd stop with the loudtwitter until I could figure out how to put it under a cut... #

09:22 @quirkyslayer Let no one say I like to create wank if I don't have to. #

10:18 So I think I figured out how to put my tweets behind an LJ cut, so I put loudtwitter back on. #

10:19 @kmoaton Evidently it's becoming annoying for some who don't twitter. I like to be a good neighbor, though... #

11:45 Sess/Adult Rin drabble: Wind and Flower #

11:50 @fenrisfox Latin, eh. Appareo Decet Nihil Munditia? #

12:44 Poem: Afternoon Pause #

12:58 @psyco_chick32 nothing like waiting... #

17:40 I/K Drabble: The Warning #

19:42 New Poem: The Moon Shone Brightly
#poetry #

21:45 LJ is just too quiet right now. At least the next chapter of Rin-ne comes out tomorrow, I believe. #

21:52 @kmoaton seems to me people have found something else to do than hang around the IY corner of LJ... #

21:54 @kmoaton even the comms seem quiet....sigh. #

22:04 @kmoaton I can understand that one...Me, I'm writing in self-defense, just to have something new and fluffy to read...LOL... #

22:28 @voodoobanshee Sometimes, if you can find out what's the true cause of the pain, a different treatment besides regular pain meds works. #

22:32 @kmoaton Thinking about when I used to have to organize the grading of 3 levels of essay exam at the college I worked. Was dead by the end. #

23:05 @kmoaton The most tedious was scheduling all the grading sessions! LOL. Can't teach composition by multiple choice! #

00:17 New Short Fic: The Apple Trees #

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