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I don't like this poem yet

I don't know if I like it's structure. I don't know if I like what it's saying. Maybe I'll redo what I wanted to say as free verse. So I'm posting it here to let it simmer

How hard it is to be made whole,
when you are shattered like the jewel
into the broken pieces of your life
and acting like a fool,
frightened, embarrassed, unsure, afraid
of what your heart might do,
Pulled by duty, honor, hope,
regret and memory too.

How hard it was to say goodbye
to the first love of your heart,
A mother's kiss, a memory
Of being torn apart,
A gravestone marks that tragedy
That showed the world to you,
Grief and pain were love's own cost,
rejection followed, too.

How hard it was to realize
that the filling of your heart
could make you lost and vunerable,
could rip your world apart
Pinned for years not dead, not live
To the Goshinboku tree
As budding love leads to down to death
through darkest treachery.

How hard it is to straddle worlds
Not one thing or another
Yet when you look into her eyes
You find that you uncover
A love that takes you as you are
No matter what the cost --
You cannot let her slip away,
Or else you will be lost.
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