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Drabble: The Warning

Definitely more graphic than my usual IK fluff....But the punch line required it...LOL.  Late March 1565

The Warning

The room was dark and quiet.  The flames in the fire pit had burned low, casting a small circle of reddish light in its area.  It glinted warmly on the silver hair of the man who had wrapped himself around his half-dressed wife.  His hands ran lightly along the length of her body under her open kosode, and his mouth sought first her mouth in a hungry kiss, then trailed down her throat.    

She pulled open his robe and reached out and touched his chest, allowing her hand drop until she found his manhood.  He hissed in pleasure as she touched just the right spots.  Unable to stand it anymore, he pulled her down on the mat until he was resting his body on hers.

Her long  black hair spilled off the mat and over onto the floor.   Her hands reached up and caressed both of his  triangular ears, and she smiled as he shuddered.  His mouth moved down her body, but her legs wrapped around his hips.

“I need you now,” she said. 

Her arms found his shoulders, moving under his silver hair as he joined with her, sliding into her warm inviting  body.   “Kami, I missed this,” he said, breaking the silence of their muffled moans and whispers. “It’s been so long.”

She gasped as he filled her, tilling her head up, “Shh.  Atae and the baby,” she managed to whisper as he found his rhythm.

He bent low over her, kissing her hard.  “Dammit, woman, you feel so good.”

Her arms slipped lower down his back shoulders.  As she reached her peak, she cried out loudly, soon followed by her husband and the sound of a baby crying in the other room.

He kissed her lightly after he finished, and Kagome, straightening her clothes, got up to go fetch her baby daughter. 

“Who needed to tell who to be quiet?” InuYasha asked. 

Kagome, opening the door to the sleeping room, stuck out her tongue, then went to soothe her child.
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