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Drabble: Wind and Flower

Sessh and adult Rin fluff.  Takes place ca. 1562

Wind and Flower

The last rays of sunlight faded and the light from the stone lamp grew brighter as she sat in the garden.  A nearly full moon was rising in the east, and the little garden behind the house took on a special otherworldly touch.  Rin sat in the garden, looking at the sky as the stars began to come out. She had expected her husband back before sundown, and had dressed herself in a fine yellow and orange robe over a paler yellow kosode to welcome him home in, fine silk that he had chosen for her, and decided to wait for him in the garden.

It was always hard on her when Sesshoumaru was gone more than a day or two.  She would spend time with Kagome and Sango and play with their children, but when it was time to be home at night the house echoed emptily, and she didn’t sleep well.

“Wind made of moonlight,
your flight across the night sky.
Do you think of me
sitting here in the garden,
a flower waiting for you?” 

Reciting the poem, she sighed.  Perhaps, she though, she should go back inside.

There was no sound announcing  his arrival, nothing except the touch of his youki.

“The flower looks up,
blooming under the moonlight
there in its garden.
The soft evening wind has come
to stir the flower’s petals.”

Rin turned her head to see shining amber eyes and silver hair.  Her face lit up.  “My lord, you have returned.”

“In time to pluck one special flower, it seems,” he replied.

Rin blushed, and looked down at the ground.  He walked over, offered her one claw tipped hand.  She took it and stood gracefully.

“So, shall the wind carry you off somewhere?” he asked.  His eyes were very intense, and the moonlight sparkled in his hair.

She lifted one soft hand towards his cheek.  “Wherever the wind wants, my Lord.  The bath is hot,  and the futon is arranged.”

“A most thoughtful flower,” he said.  “The wind will linger here for awhile, I think.”  

 Smiling, Rin led her Sesshoumaru into the house.

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