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Drabble: Not Quite Enough Time

Late Evening IK.  Takes place about 3 months after Atae's birth

Not Quite Enough Time

It was getting late.  The shadows had deepened in the house, letting the light from the fire pit and the oil lamp become brighter to the eye.  InuYasha, looking at a basket laid next to where their futon was prepared, turned and looked to where his wife was sitting as she sewed in the lamplight.  Taking a deep breath, he stood up and moved, kneeling behind Kagome. A stray breeze made the lamp flame flicker as she pulled the thread through the fabric.  He let his arms circle her waist, his long red sleeves covering her lap, partially burying the fabric she was working on.

Kagome looked up at her husband and smiled.

“Baby’s asleep,” he whispered, pulling her closer to his chest.

“I see that,” she replied, then put her sewing to the side.

The warm wet of his mouth brushed against her neck, sending little shivers down her spine.   “You taste good,” he muttered, as she relaxed into his touch and  tilted her head to give him better access

“You think so?” she said.

“Uh-huh.”  He let one hand trail down her thigh where her hand rested and captured it, lacing her fingers in between his.  “You want me to show you how much?”

She pulled his hand up towards her face, and brushed her lips across his fingers, heedless of the claws tipping each.  His hand pulled free, slipped under the neckline of her kosode, pushing the garment open.

“So sweet,” he murmured, tracing the top of her shoulder with small kisses as his hands moved to her obi and began unfastening the knot.

Before he could finish, though, there was a shrill crying from the basket next to the bed. 

“Baby’s awake,” Kagome said.

InuYasha, sighing, got up and hurried over, picking up his son.  Soothing  the small child, rubbing circles on Atae’s  back as he carried him back to Kagome, he muttered, “If you keep this up, little guy, you’re never going to have a brother or sister.”

For a moment, Atae stopped crying and looked at his father eye to eye.  Then bunching his fingers into a fist, Atae popped his hand into his mouth, chewed indecisively, and began to cry again.

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