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Gah! Spring!

Two nights ago, we had a frost.  Two days from now it's supposed to hit near 90 (blessedly only for a couple of days.)  There's still snow on the top of the mountain that everybody watches to see if it's time to plant the tomatoes and other warm weather plants (not much snow.  This weekend might get the last of it.)

But my cabbage is doing quite nicely, and so are my peas.  And various greens I planted. 

We're getting ready to dedicate on of the garden beds to asparagus.  In a couple or three years I'll really appreciate that...LOL. 

We are still fighting a war against pocket gophers.   There's a huge empty field across a dirt road next to our house that is infested heavily with them.  Evidently we have a steady stream of migrants.

Beyond the gardening, I've started back in the gym doing strength training for the first time in about 6 years. That feels good.  And I picked up a 27 pound pull recurve bow which we've taken out and shot.  That's kind of cool, too. 
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