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Poem: November at the Beach

Not IK

I remember how
cold drizzle
mixed with salt spray
as the water
lapped the beach.

It was too cold
 for bare feet,
but still I took off my shoes,
and walked,
wet sand squishing
beneath my toes.

Looking up,
I moved
an errant strand of hair
off of my face
to be tossed
with the rest of my hair
by the chill wind.

Ah, sea gull,
how I watched you fly,
as you danced against a backdrop
of gray sky
and dark gray water,
skipping like all my hopes
between heaven
and the abyss.

I thought of dolphins,
and merfolk,
and the birth of life,
and the death of memory,
and knew I was standing
before a mystery too big
too big to be contained.

Letting the end of the wave
wash gently over my cold toes,
I bent down,
and picked up a shell –
no answers here.
With a sigh, I walked back to my car.


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  • 8 Sep 2015, 13:40
    Does the story still lives? It's been a while since your last chap :/
  • 1 Sep 2015, 17:29
    Hi knittingknots,
    I hope all is well with you. I see you are not continuing with your story... a wonderful story, and I'll surely miss your updates, they are always a shining spot in my day.…
  • 5 Dec 2014, 02:33
    Wow, congrats!! It's been about that long since I've updated some of my fics, LOL.
  • 22 Nov 2014, 07:37
    You might try Nobunaga Concerto where a modern time traveler exchanges places with Nobunaga. Follows Nobuanaga historically
  • 24 Jul 2014, 02:30
    thi was posted on Dokuga 4 days ago
    Hey guys! Just a little info I gathered. I have a friend who knows the mod of MM.org and apprently in Aug payment is due once again, unfortunatley they haven't…
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