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Happy BD, Eggplantlady! (and here's a giftfic present: A Good Day

M/S .  And fluffy.  And the title is my wish for you.

A Good Day

Miroku walked up the path from the temple, breathing in the quiet, calm air. It had been a good day, and he was feeling particularly mellow.  But as he neared his house, it dawned on him that the air was quiet still – too quiet.   Usually, before he rounded the last bend in the road before he could see his house, he could hear them, the sounds of his children playing.  But today there was not a sound of children playing, no squeals of  “Daddy!”  as he caught sight of his home.

Narrowing his violet eyes, he could see no children in the yard.  He had gotten quite used to his daughters walking him to the house while he carried his oldest son on his shoulders.  As he would watch them surround him enthusiastically, he sometimes wondered what he was going to do when his younger son was old enough to join them.   

“I wonder where everybody’s at?” he said aloud.

Hurrying up to the house, he slid the door open. Stepping in without really looking, he slipped off his shoes and rested his staff against the door.   

“About time, Houshi-sama,” said a warm and inviting voice. 

Miroku looked up.  Sango was sitting in the middle of the room in a beautiful rose and white robe spread out gracefully around her.  The fabric was festooned with flowers that seemed to dance as she moved.  He remembered when he bought that fabric, and how he thought it would look on her.  It was fine silk, and the merchant had wanted too much for it, and he couldn’t get him to budge off the price much, but he bought it anyway.

In fact, she looked better in it than he thought.  He swallowed at the thought of removing that uchikake off her shoulders and the lovely rose silk kosode beneath it.    On one side of the room, there was something wonderful-smelling in the pots near the fire.  On the other side, their futon lay spread, ready to use.

He swallowed again.  “Where . . . where is everybody?”

Sango, watching her husband’s face, suppressed a giggle.  “They are staying with InuYasha and Kagome tonight.  We have the house,” she paused and licked her lips, “to ourselves.”

Miroku’s eyes began to twinkle, and he wasted no time joining his wife on the mat.  It definitely was a good day, he thought as he pulled his wife close in his arms and let his lips brush across hers.  As their kiss deepened, he knew it was going to be an even better night. 

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