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Poem: A Touch of Old Magic

Don't ask me why I am thinking about Autumn on a spring day.....LOL.  Not IK

A Touch of Old Magic

I toss the pebble into the water,
and watch the ripples
beneath a lead gray sky
and lift my head up,
filled with a nameless yearning.

O wind, why do you bring me here,
stir my longing,
and leave me,
watching the leaves swirl
and the geese fly,
touched by something that calls me to follow,
but standing and longing,
but I am too leaden,
too earthbound to follow your call.

Ah, the fey ways
of Autumn and wind,
whispering of things beyond my understanding,
eldritch and powerful,
just outside of my grasp,
old magic,
bound to rock and wind and sea
and that place the horizon meets the sky,
washes over me,
asking me to follow.
I sigh,
and watch the ducks set their wings,
landing in the river,
and wish for the sun.

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