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Drabble: Change of Game

Definitely absolutely shameless fluff.

Change of Game

The ground under the tree was scattered with pale, pink petals.  Laughing, almost breathless, the young woman with shining black hair threw herself  down underneath its branches, laying down and looking up.

A silver-haired man looking as young if not younger (even though he was much older) threw himself down next to her.  He nestled her in his red clothed arms, still laughing a little as she lay her head on his chest.

“So you thought you could beat me?” he asked.

“No, not really,” Kagome said, letting her right hand draw lazy patterns on his chest.  “I just wanted to watch you run,” she said.

“Not much of a run, Koibito.”  His nose nuzzled her ear, and the warm breath from his words made her tingle as he spoke them.  “You’re too easy to catch.”

She raised her head just right to see his warm, intense amber eyes.  Her breath caught in her throat at the intensity.  Their noses were almost touching.  Swallowing once, she managed to speak. “But I have you where I want you now.”  Then she brushed her lips against his.

The kiss deepened in passion, and with a slight moan, InuYasha rolled the two so he lay on top.  “So who has to hide now?” he asked, letting his mouth trace the curve of her jaw and neck.

“Don’t want to hide. Let’s play another game,” she said.  “How about love under the cherry tree?”

“Sounds good to me,” he replied, and catching her lips again, began to demonstrate how well he played the game.

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