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Happy Mother's Day....

I hope all of the mothers on my flist are having a great day.  This one is a special one for me.

Mother's day has been a hard day for me since 1996.  That mother's day, for some reason, I went out of my way to make it as pleasant and special as I could for my mom, and two weeks later, she passed away (her death was a total surprise to everybody, including her doctor).  Even after I married my hubby and started raising his kids, I tried not to make a big to-do about the day, cause it still makes me realize who's missing, and how close I am to the anniversary of her leaving.

But this Mother's day is kind of special.  My 23 year old stepson who has been dealing with so many issues, but currently is doing pretty good sent me the sweetest letter.  As a teen, he didn't want to call me Mom, and I didn't make a to-do about it, cause that was his choice.  He needed that separation, and I was cool with it.  We dealt with his problems and got him through school and into adulthood.  He's had some issues since then, but at least now he's trying.

Anyway, in the close of his letter, he said, "Thank you for giving me a chance as a son, taking care of me with open arms, making me feel loved and needed, and thus, the gift of life.  I love you, my mother."

No stepmom could receive a better present.

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