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Poem: The Backrub

There's 2 versions of this.  This one's the most clearly IK fluff....the other is posted at dA.

I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi

The Back Rub

His fingers,
claw tipped,
the hands of a fighter,
still gently ran along the smooth skin
of his wife’s flawless back,
shadowed and highlighted
by the dark and by the lamplight.

The cool linen of her robe
pooled around the sweet curve
of her bottom
in folds of soft blue,
spilling over on her feet
as she knelt on the mat in front of him;
his red-clad legs
made a protective space around her.

Her long black hair, pulled aside,
cascaded over the top of one of her shoulders
and down her front.
curling around the whiteness
of her bosom.

“Tell me where,” he said,
enjoying the feel of her warmth
as he explored,
gently pressing,
listening to the mysteries of her flesh
through the tips of his fingers.

She smelled and felt
too good,
and his mouth longed to taste
the soft surface he was merely touching.

His right ear twitching,
a nervous habit,
he swallowed hard
as he lay his hand flat against her shoulder blade,
made small circles with the heel of his palm
listened to her make small pleasure sounds.

“Oh yes,” she said.
“That’s right where it hurts.  Feels so good.”

“Good,” he replied,
and after a few moments more,
let his hands drift from her back,
across her chest,
until he cupped the warm heaviness of her breasts.

“I know another way to make you feel good, too,”
he murmured,
breathing into her ear.

“Sneaky, but I love you,” she replied,
and rested back against his warmth.
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