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Drabble: Carried Away By the Moment

This was written for IY Themes's Tree theme.  Dare I say short and fluffy?

Carried Away by the Moment

The air around them was magical.

Kagome held out a hand, caught a cherry petal drifting in the wind, and let it lay there for a moment in her palm.  A larger hand with claw tipped fingers cupped hers and closed around hers, capturing the petal.

She looked up into InuYasha’s intense amber eyes.  It felt like his eyes could see into the corners of her soul.  She reached up with her free hand and brushed her fingers across his lips.

“Kagome,” he whispered.

Her hand slid downwards to his chest.  His other hand cupped the back of her neck, sliding into her ebony hair and drawing her closer.  Gently, InuYasha’s lips brushed across hers, and she felt herself melting into the warmth of his touch.  Her lips parted, and his tongue began a slow, sensuous dance with hers, with promises of more delight to come.  As she melted into the kiss, she felt like she was falling with the heady rush of sensation.

Suddenly, she realized she was falling, but a strong warm arm wrapped around her and pulled her back up.

“Silly woman,” InuYasha said, kissing her forehead.  “Did you forget we were sitting in a tree?”
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