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Ganked from Salomesensei

Star Trek Meme!

1) Did you watch the original Star Trek during its first broadcasting?
Absolutely.  I was so excited when it first ran. (Gods, I have been a sf geek since I was 7 or 8...and I was what, 12 when this came out...I was definitely hooked immediately.

2) Did you watch the syndicated show?
Absolutely a lot.

3) Did you make a point to see all 79 episodes, including the first pilot?

Of course..

4) Did you attend any Star Trek conventions prior to 1979?


5) Have you attended any Star Trek conventions since 1979?

One down in New Orleans I used to go to every year in the late 80s

6) Have you ever dressed up as a Star Trek character for a social event?

No.  Although I have done other characters.

7) Have you ever dressed up as a Star Trek character for intimate reasons?

No.  18th Century wench, maybe...LOL.

8) Do you own, or played, a Star Trek board game?

9) Do you own, or played, a Star Trek Trivia game?


10) Did you consistently win at them?


11) Did you see all ten Star Trek movies in the theatres?
No.  I've missed the last 2.  And I always fall asleep in the first one, so I am glad I missed that one too....

12) Did you watch the TV shows: TNG (The Next Generation), DS9 (Deep Space Nine), Voyager, and Enterprise?

TNG: Of Course
DS9: I adored it until the last season.  Saw them all up to that point.
Voyager: a lot of them
Enterprise: no

13) Do you know the difference between a Trekkie and a Trekker?

to steal salomesensei's fine answer, Outsider vs. Insider (although I still am guilty of preferring trekkie to trekker even though I've been associated with the fandom since I was a kid)

14) Have you ever tried to learn Klingon? Did you succeed?

Yes I did.  Somewhere I have a tape for conversational Klingon, and I still have my dictionary, too.

15) Who is the better captain: Kirk or Picard?

Picard.  Hands down.

16) Have you got tickets to see the new Star Trek movie, or have you already seen it?

Nope; but I'll read the reviews and decide if I want to.
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