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Chapter 2 of Rin-ne is out....and I have sooo many questions....

Shakes fist at RT for cleverly hooking me into this story... (I'm putting behind a cut, cause there will be spoilers)

If you sign up for their newsletter, they send you an email tickle when the new chapters are up.  That's kind of cool.  So why did I spend so much time yesterday just checking if it were up, even though I knew this?

Why does the hero do what he does for such tiny amounts of money.

Why is he emphatic that he would go to hell if he bought the high school gym outfit?

How much change does Sakura carry in her purse, anyway?

Does Rokudo have a home, and if he is a supernatural being of some sort, why is he in high school?  Or is he a mortal who just got called to do supernatural stuff?  And why is his hair red?

And why did the woman who sent Sakura home when she was a child wear the same haori?

I'm hooked.  At least until some of these questions are answered.

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