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Drabble: Time for a Swim

I/K fluff, cause it's rainy and dreary and I need it.  Takes place August, 1557, before the birth of Atae.

Time for a Swim

A cooling breeze blew through the woods, a welcome break after the heat and stickiness that August meant in the village. InuYasha lay on his back, head resting on his hands, staring at how the branches swayed in the breeze.

The quiet up here relaxed him.  A few birds were playing in the branches, water cascaded down a rock face into a clear pool, the wind danced in the branches.  They were long ri away from the nearest human village, and the area was free of anything he could perceive of as a threat.

‘The kami of this place must be a pretty special person,’ he thought idly, then rolled over on his side, watching his wife.

Kagome knelt down on the cloth she had served lunch on, putting away the last of the dishes she had used into a basket.  She was dressed in a light-blue summer kosode, a fabric he had chosen for her because he thought it would bring out the blue in her eyes, and it did.  She had fussed at him wasting their money on the fine fabric, but seeing her graceful form in the silk, he knew it was worth every penny.

 He plucked a small weed flower on the grass near him, and twirled it in his fingers, thinking once again about the twists and turns of fate, and how quickly the whole shape of his life changed.  Suddenly, a shadow fell across his face.  Kagome’s wrap skirt quickly followed, landing on his shoulder and draping across his chest.

InuYasha looked up at her.  She was unfastening the plain wrap that held her outer kosode closed.  “Wanna go for a swim?” she said, dropping the belt on top of the wrap skirt.  Her mouth was twisted into a silly smile and her eyes twinkled.

Somehow, he found himself speechless.  She shrugged off the fine kosode and folded it, laying it carefully on the basket, and then shrugged off her under kosode, and inner layers.  Soon she stood looking at him, dressed only in a smile.

Suddenly, he sat up, pulling her clothes off of him, as he took in how the light glinted off of her warm skin, and saw the slightest swell in her abdomen where their unborn child was resting.  He took a deep breath, then reached for the tie on his suikan.  “You think you’re funny, don’t you,” he muttered.

“Yes,” she said.  She turned, and began walking to the pool. “But I bet I’ll get in the water before you do!”

He stood up, slid out of his jacket. “We’ll see about that,” he said.

Kagome was quite surprised when he made it into the water before she did.

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