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Poem: Yearning

The Napowrimo may be over, but the poetry writing --  never


I remember the feel
of cool
as my toes dug into the wet sand,
my shoes in hand
to protect them from the water.

How endless the horizon looked,
the grey water
meeting white cloud
out in the center of forever.

Vague thoughts of sailing west
to that magic place
east of the moon, west of the sun
crossed my mind
and stirred my heart,
and I sighed ,
knowing there were some places,
some dreams,
some experiences
perpetually closed to me,
and all their beauty
and wonder
I would have to experience only in my mind.

Still, the longing never went away,
and even as I turned
walking back up the cold beach,
listening to the gulls
as I returned to the real world,
the child in me
refused to give up
dreams of Faerie.
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