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Drabble: Interruption

Shameless IK fluff, just cause I needed some.


InuYasha walked up behind Kagome and knelt down behind her. Leaning over her shoulder, he  looked at the fine white fabric in her hands and watched her run the needle through the fabric with practiced ease.

He nuzzled his nose against her cheek.  “What’re ya doing?” he asked.

She tensed and lifted her shoulder and giggled.  “That tickles,” she said.  “I’m sewing.”

“I can see that,” he answered, planting a little kiss on the top of her shoulder. “But what are you making?”

“A shirt for that weed of a son of ours,” she said, tilting her head to the side. “He’s already getting a little tall for the clothes he has on today.”  She closed her eyes as his mouth trailed up the side of her neck.  “That isn’t very fair, you know.”

He nibbled on her earlobe.  “I know,” he said, breathing into her ear.  “But you can sew when Atae’s home, and I really can’t do this then.”  He pulled the tie of her wrap skirt loose.

She put down her sewing and slapped at his hands.  “What am I going to do with you?” she said.

His fingers trailed the length of her collar.  “Oh, I bet you can think of something,” he replied.

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