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Today's official Swine Flu Count:

AZ 1,
CA 14,
IN 1,
KS 2,
MA 2,
MI 2,
NV 1,
NY 51,
OH 1,
TX 16 & 1 death.
Total 91

I believe we've seen headcounts of approximately 20, 40, 63, and now 91.  There are a lot, lot more probable cases than this, btw.  A probable case is one that tests as being a type A flu that doesn't show up on the screening they are using, and takes longer to verify (usually by sending to the CDC), or a person who has flu symptoms and has been exposed to someone who has the verified flu.

And of course, it's in more places than just the US and Mexico.   Diseases with this level of infectious ability spread fast in the day of air travel.

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