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Poem: The Seal Wife Ponders, Watching the Water (FINISHED!)

Well, I finally finished it to my satisfaction, at least for the moment.  Usually, the story is the selkie, or seal, or mermaid takes the token which her husband accidently lets fall in her hand and runs off back to the ocean and the ways of the fae folk.   This is going into a story I'm writing.  I may play with the scansion a little, though.  It's still not as smooth as I'd like.

She stood there in the morning,
she stood there near the sea,
watching as the waves washed in,
one and two and three,
and remembered there a different life,
that was so wild and free,
and thought about the life she lived
and how it came to be,
watching as the waves came in,
one and two and three.

She remembered the touch of sunlight
while she was in the sea,
and how she rode the waves out,
one and two and three,
and remembered the magic places,
so full of mystery,
and the secret songs she used to sing,
when she was wild and free,
but now she watches the waves roll in,
one and two and three.

Even now she feels it calling,
the deep and restless sea,
but she thinks about her children,
one, and two, and three,
and their eyes so like their father’s
untouched by mystery,
a good man who truly loves her –
Love holds her here, you see,
a prisoner to the waves roll in,
one and two and three.

She thinks of secret places
beneath the deep dark sea,
and the dear ones that she left behind,
one and two and three.
Her husband holds the token
that she knows would set her free,
but would she take and use it,
run off in mystery,
or stay and watch the waves roll in
one, and two and three?
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