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Drabble: A Special Lunch

I/K fluffiness.

A Special Lunch

“You’re back too early! Out!” Kagome said, jumping up as InuYasha pushed open the door mat.  “Don’t come in!”  Standing the way she was, she had totally blocked the view of what she was cooking.

“What?” said InuYasha.  “What do you mean ‘don’t come in?’” He sniffed, and the air smelled delicious.  He noticed there was a smear of some white dust on her wrap skirt and another on her cheek.

“It’s a surprise. Out, out!” she said, smiling, but with a determined gleam in her eyes.  She made shooing motions with her hand.

“All right, all right,” he said, retreating.  “But I’ll be sitting out here on the porch.”

“That’s good.  I’ll call you when you can come in,” she said.

The mat clattered behind him and he sat down, his back propped up by the wall of his hut.  The smells were driving him crazy, and his tummy rumbled as he waited.  He could smell mushroom and fish and other things.  Miso.  Cabbage.  There was something else, a smell he thought he ought to remember, that hovered just on the edge of his memory.

At one point, he heard Kagome give a loud “Ouch!”

“Are you all right in there?” he called out.

“I’m fine!  Stay out!” she replied.

A few more minutes went by. He sighed, swallowing once again.  “You know, if you don’t let me in soon, I’m going to walk down to Sango’s and see if she’ll let me have some lunch.  You’re driving me crazy, Kagome,” he said.

She lifted open the door mat.  “I’m driving you crazy?” she said with a little laugh, walking over to him, bending over and kissing him on his left ear.  It twitched at the contact.  “You can come in now, and tell me if it was worth it.”

He stood up, dusted off his clothes and followed her into the house.  Taking a deep whiff of the air as he paused to wash his hands at the wash stand, InuYasha murmured, “It smells really good.”

“Does it?” Kagome said.  She took her place next to the fire pit, and put some last something on his tray.

He wiped his hands quickly, and went to sit next to her.  On his tray was a covered bowl, and skewers of fish, and a dish of pickles.  He looked up at Kagome, and saw her chewing her lip.  He uncovered the bowl, and found a dish of noodles swimming in broth.

“Ramen?” he said.

“Not exactly, but it’s the closest I could do,” she said.  “I hope it tastes good to you.”

“You made me ramen,” he said with a tone of wonder.  “ I know it’s going to taste wonderful.”  Smiling, he took a bite.

It was only years later that he told her how the noodles in his first bowl weren’t quite done.  Watching the joy in her face, he ate down every bite.
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