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Drabble: Play Monsters

Not I/K, but Atae, Sesshoumaru and Rin.  Takes place in 1563 in my timeline.

I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi

Play Monsters

“Nephew,” said the tall, white clad youkai, looking down at the small boy with stern eyes.  “Explain yourself.”

Atae looked up at his uncle, his ears laid back in apprehension.  He whimpered softly.  Rin, her body swollen with child walked into the room, sliding the shouji door behind her.  Her eyes were red, like she’d been crying.  In her hands she clutched a doll body and a separated doll head.

“It was the monster,” said the little boy.  “I killed it.”  He sniffled.  “I keeped Auntie safe.”

Rin looked at the little boy with a fond, but sad look in her eyes.  “You were trying to keep Rin safe?” she asked.

The little boy nodded.  “Daddy always says keep Mama and Auntie safe.”

Rin looked up at her husband.  “I can fix it.  He didn’t shred it.”

Sesshoumaru knelt down in front of Atae, and rested a hand on the boy’s shoulder.  Solemn golden eyes met anxious amber ones.  The Daiyoukai breathed out a little.  “It is good that you want to protect Rin, Nephew.  But your father gave that doll to Rin to protect her.  It is not a monster.”

Atae’s eyes grew big, but he nodded.

“This Sesshoumaru has asked her to always keep it close.  If you see her hold it again, you will not play ‘kill the monster’ with it.”

The small boy looked up to his aunt, and then back at his uncle.  “Auntie mad at me?” he asked, sniffing.

Rin knelt down beside the boy, and wrapped an arm around him.  “No, Atae.  Rin loves her little protector.”

He nuzzled her chin.  “I sorry, Auntie.”

She looked up at Sesshoumaru, who nodded. “It’s all right this time, Atae,” she said, pulling him close.   “Go outside now.  But don’t go far.”

He nodded and ran outside.

Rin looked at Sesshoumaru.  “Are you going to tell InuYasha?” she asked.  “He meant well.”

Sesshoumaru took a deep breath.  “This Sesshoumaru will consider what to do.”  He moved over to the entryway to get his shoes to go out.  “The child must learn what is right,” he said, putting on one of his soft boots.  “His heart is good.”

He reached down, and did not feel his other boot.  Looking, he found it in the dirt of the entryway, slightly crumpled.  Picking it up, he saw where it had been sliced neatly through by tiny, but efficient claws.  “But his sense of appropriate, perhaps, needs some work.”

Standing up, he walked out of the house.    “Atae, come here!” he said, sliding the door behind him.

For some reason, Rin laughed.

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