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Drabble: A Promise for Later

Oh, a dab of IK.    Takes place ca. 1563

A Promise for Later

It was a perfect afternoon, but InuYasha looked over the vista beyond the meadow they were in, staring out at the mountains beyond.   There had been a battle in the mountains beyond his mountain, and even this far away he could smell it and sense the presence of the low-level youkai who followed every battle, and the shades of the ghosts who would be looking for vengeance before peace.

His hands clamped unthinkingly on the hilt of Tessaiga.

But from behind him, he heard a warm laugh.  “Yay, Atae!  You can do it!” his wife cried out.

Turning he saw his son sitting on the ground in a half-somersault, his white hair on the ground filled with bits of grass, as Atae stared up at Kagome.  Suddenly, an unwise lizard, startled by the young child’s presence, darted out and ran past him.  Atae straightened up and jumped after the lizard.

Kagome laughed again, then turned to her husband, who was watching them with solemn amber eyes.  Walking up to him, she lay a palm on the red fabric over his heart.  “What is it, InuYasha?”

“See that haze to the east?  There was a big battle there, probably the day before,” he said.

She looked up at him.  “Nobody’s coming this way, are they?” she asked.

His right ear twitched.  “Not that I can tell,” he said, covering her hand with his.

“Then it’s all right,” she replied.  “We’re safe and you’ll keep us that way.”

He sighed a little, then kissed her forehead.  “It just makes me edgy.”

Suddenly a high-pitched giggle caught their attention. “Mama, Mama, watch me!” said Atae, as he turned a sloppy cartwheel.

“Let me give Atae his attention now,” Kagome said, reaching up to scratch the back of InuYasha’s ear.  “And I’ll give Daddy some special attention later.” Her voice was warm and full of promise.  She kissed him once on the chin, then whirled around to chase after the boy.

InuYasha, smiling a little, knew that anybody, human or youkai, that interfered with that promise was a goner.
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