knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Just read the first chapter of Rin-ne

(RT's new manga.  You can read it at

Requires flash

(comments follow, slightly spoil-ly)

I like the story.  I will definitely enjoy following it.

But the female lead Sakura looks like a HS aged Kagome with braids and the male lead looks like a red-headed human Inu in modern clothes...

And in some strange way it's RT meets Bleach....

And some InuYasha news: Inuyasha Unflipped Starting with Inuyasha manga volume 38 (out in July), we're publishing Rumiko Takahashi's series in its original right-to-left format, and releasing the graphic novels monthly. We will also release VIZBIG 3-in-1 editions ($17.99) of the entire series starting in November, also in the unflipped format! For more info, visit

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