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Drabble: Time to Relax

Shameless IK fluff.  Takes place about 1562.

Time to Relax

InuYasha put down the fire tongs after stirring the fire and adding wood so it  wouldn’t need attention for a while.   Then he scooted out of his place by the fire and across the room where Kagome was sewing by  lamplight, running her needle back and forth along some brightly printed linen cloth.

“You look tired,” he said.  He looked at the fabric, a bright pattern of red on blue and brown, something she was making for Atae.  He picked up one corner.“You should put that down and do something to relax.”

She looked up at him, gazing into his amber eyes.  There was something playful lurking in his look, but concern, too.  “You have something in mind?” she said.

“Maybe,” he said.  He gave her a wicked, but sweet smile.

Tucking the needle into the fabric first, Kagome put her sewing on the low work table next to her.  InuYasha moved behind her, wrapped his arms around her, and nuzzled her neck.

“The bath water is hot,” he murmured.  His hands moved up to her shoulders, rubbing them gently. “Atae’s sleeping.”  His mouth grazed along her neck.  She shivered a little at his touch.  “Let me take care of you.”

“You’ve been planning this, haven’t you?” Kagome said. Her eyes closed as she relaxed into his touch.

“Uh-hmm,” InuYasha replied, letting his hands trail down her back, working on the muscles along her shoulder blades.  “You’ve been tense and burying yourself in work for at least the last week.”

“There’s a lot to do if you want to eat this winter,” she said, closing her eyes and letting her head fall forward.

“Tell me how I can help you,” he said, kneading a particularly kinked spot on her shoulder.

“Just keep doing that,” Kagome replied, with a pleased sigh. 

“Only a back rub? What about the rest of my plan?” the hanyou said, dropping his arms and wrapping them around her.  He breathed warmly into her ear.  “Hot water, hot husband . . . ”

“Will it make me feel this good?” she asked, leaning into his hold.  Her hand rested on his thigh

His fingers fumbled for the tie to her wrap skirt. “Better,” he replied, pulling the garment off of her.

She turned, just enough to meet his amber eyes with her blue-gray ones. “But what if you get all tense and tired from working too hard?” she asked.

He stood up, bringing her with him, and carried her towards the bathing room.   “Then you can take care of  me,” he replied.

“We’ll never get all the work done,” Kagome murmured.

He slid the bathroom door open. “Maybe not, but we’ll have fun on the way,” he said.

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