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Drabble: Little Pitchers, Big Ears and Good Noses

IK fluff seen from 6 year old  Atae's pov.

I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi

Little Pitchers, Big Ears, and Good Noses

Atae had been watching his parents during the day.  Things got funny around the house on the day before the full moon.

Like usual, the little boy noticed that there was something different about the way Daddy looked at Mama.  On this day, it had started at breakfast time.  Daddy’s fingers brushed against Mama’s fingers when she handed him his soup.  Daddy smiled, and said something about soup not being the only thing good enough to eat.   Her eyes dropped and her cheeks colored, and something about her scent changed, too.

Not long after that, Mama sent him down to the stream to get some water.

It was a sunny spring day, and Mama decided to wash clothes.  Atae found Daddy standing behind Mama as she was hanging up a kosode.  Daddy had taken the drying rod from her hand as she reached up to hang it up, whispering something about how he would like to take off Mama’s kosode.  Mama’s cheeks colored again, and her scent changed again.

Daddy, turning around and seeing him, sent him to go get some firewood to warm the wash water.

Later that day, when they worked in the garden, Atae noticed Daddy’s eyes got funny as he watched Mama bend over pulling weeds.  He said something about flagpoles, and Mama got funny smelling again.  Mama sent him in the house to find another basket.

He wasn’t surprised, later, when Rin came by to take him to visit Uncle Sesshoumaru and her for the evening.  Same thing had happened last Full Moon.  And the one before that.  When he asked Aunt Rin why they acted funny every full moon, her cheeks colored up, too.

Maybe his uncle would explain.

Or maybe adults were just weird.

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