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Oneshot: Spring Sunshine

a little IK family fluff.

Spring Sunshine

InuYasha lay in the shade, looking up at the light playing in the tree branches.  His hands gently cradled his head as his silver hair cascaded around his head.  Somewhere, he could hear a pheasant crow, and thought vaguely about  the Peach Boy and his pheasant and the king of the oni, but the hanyou felt too caught up with spring to even begin to think of looking for oni to fight.  He barely wanted to move.

Instead, his ears swivelled to track the movements of his wife who was sitting in a patch of sunlit growth, looking for early spring herbs.

“The sun feels good, don’t you think?” she said.  “I needed a nice sunny day.”

“Keh,” he replied.  He always enjoyed the return of spring.  Taking a deep breath, he let his eyes close.

He heard a flapping of wings, like when a bird is flushed from hiding.  Atae, no doubt, stalking something.  InuYasha wondered for a moment where the boy got the energy for that on a day like this.

“I’ve got enough greens to last us a couple of days, I think,” Kagome said.  “It’ll be nice to have something that’s green and not pickled or dried.”

“Uhm,” he replied.  “Nice.”

 He heard a rustle of cloth as she stood up and soft footpads as she moved next to him.

“We could go back to the house now,” she said. 

“Don’t wanna move,” he replied.

A small piece of herb landed on his chest.  He sniffed, put it to his mouth, and began to chew.  Henbit, one of the seven spring herbs. It tasted clean and fresh, just like the day.

“I could go for a swim,” she said.

He cracked one eye and looked up at her.  “Too cold,” he said.  “Come sit here next to me.  Sun in the tree branches is much nicer.”

Kagome sat down, rested her hand gently on his. “Maybe you’re right,” she said, looking up.

The pheasant in the background crowed again.  There was a brief whirring, and the crashing of wings and vegetation, growls and bird calls.  This time, InuYasha sat up, and saw his son carrying a bird almost half his height running towards him.

“I got him, Daddy, I got him!” said Atae, carrying the pheasant rooster.  He had scuffed knees, and some scratches, but the pheasant had a broken neck.

“That’s great, little guy,” InuYasha said, smiling. 

“You get to clean him, Daddy,” Kagome said, standing up.

InuYasha made a soft, whining sound.  “Now I know why the peach boy made a friend of the pheasant and didn’t eat him,” he said.  “Must have been too nice of a spring day.”

“Maybe so,” Kagome said.  “I’ll put the hot water on to boil so you can pluck him.”

Giving the sky one last fond look, the hanyou, picked up his son, and admired the boy’s catch, and walked them back to the house. 

A/N The Peach Boy (Momotaro) is a classic story where the boy, with the help of a talking dog, a monkey, and a pheasant, defeat the king of the Oni and live happily ever after.

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