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Ganked from LuxKen27 - meme

1. How many words of fanfic have you submitted? 215,795 words (I've written more than that, although not all of my early pieces are at FF)

2. How many people have you on alerts?  108

3. How many people have faved you? 182

4. Which fandoms do you write for? Inuyahsa

5. How many stories have you written?  on FF,  it''s 206

6. Which story of yours would you recommend for people to read? Hard to say...I'd probably send them to my bio page, which has the list of my oneshots in time sequence and say "You might want to start there."

7. Which story are you most proud of? Hard to say.  I was really pleased with the way that Future Legend came out.  I really like how Ambush developed.  I'm proud of a lot of them.

8. Which one was your biggest challenge? I don't really know. 

9. Which one had the most reviews? After the End with 79, but Yesterday's Tomorrows is shorter, and has 55, so if I ever get the next couple of chapers done, it'll probably start to overtake it.

10. Which had the least?  The Snow Woman with 1

11. Which story do you feel deserved the most reviews? Whatever ones people want to review.

12. Which story was your longest?  It's Evil in Men's Hearts, (which is going under a major revision offline right now.  Wonder if it'll be longer or shorter when I get done?)  Although, you could probably make a case for my oneshot time line as being the longest, even though it's made up of oneshots, drabbles and poems that are freestanding.

13. Which story was your shortest? At FF it's Sanctuary, a poem of 66 words.

14. Which story was a surprise hit?  Home Again, Home Again.  I had two people complain about it, but for a little drabble, it got some of the best hitcount.

15. What story are you most known for? Maybe Yesterday's Tomorrows now? 

16. What fandom are you most known for? Inuyasha

17. What pairings are you most known for? Inu/Kag;  I will do adult Rin/Sessh,  M/S

18. What is something you will never put into your story? Alt pairings, probably, since I love the canon scenario.  I highly doubt if I will do yaoi. Seldom will do things that are AU either.

19. What do you think your trademark is? Fluff.

20. Give us a hint of future stories! If I knew that, then I'd know what I was going to write tomorrow!
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