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Poem # 12 Good Morning

Both an I/K fluff moment and #12 in my napowrimo poems. 

Good Morning

He lay there
as the sun rose,
warm light slowly spilling into the room.

Somewhere, he could hear
the morning birds stirring,
but only the flick of an ear tip
proved he was paying attention
to anything
except the sleeping woman next to him.

He twisted a small lock
of ebony hair
around one large, claw-tipped finger,
breathed in her scent,
and watched the morning light
move across the room
as the sun rose,
until it kissed her hair,
her cheekbone
with its golden light.

Somehow, he doubted if he'd ever get over being amazed
at the fact
that she was really here.

Suddenly, a small head popped up,
and amber eyes met his.
"Time to get up?" he asked.

"Sure, little guy," he said, holding his arms open,
as his small son jumped into his embrace.

Bending over his wife,
his lips brushed her cheek.

"Good Morning," she muttered.

"Yeah," he replied,
and took his son out to greet the day.

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