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Poem 8: Step, Pull, Lift

(my today's Napowrimo poem.  Not set in the InuYasha universe, but instead, to an original story universe I play with set ca. 1790 in Pennsylvania)

Step, Pull, Lift

He would watch her sometimes,
as she turned the wheel
and pulled the fibers into thread,
round and round.

It was a pleasant sound,
the whir of the wheel,
the sound of the pedal
going up and down.

Amazing, he thought,
how many pumps of the foot
to a yard of cloth.

He would watch her sometimes,
as she stitched his shirts
of soft and fine linen,
pulling the thread,
how the needle went round and round,
fine, tiny stitches,
the long seams, one after another.

He wondered sometimes,
how many miles her hands moved
just making one garment.

He would watch her sometimes
as she worked in the garden,
her head well protected from the bright sunshine,
hoe and rake and shovel in hand.

He thought, then,
of the food on his table,
and wondered how many pounds of dirt
she lifted to make it so.

Step, pull, lift,
the rhythm of happy life, he decided,
and in appreciation,
kissed his surprised wife.
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