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Oneshot: After the Bath

Some IK fluff.  Takes place not long after they've been reunited

After the Bath

“Is this all right, Koibito?” he breathed into her ear. 

They both sat in the small house, fresh from bathing.  It had been a fun experience, since all they really had to wash in was the laundry tub, and it was far too small to do a proper bath, and they had taken turns sitting on a bathing stool, letting their partner wash them down and then pour warmed water over their heads.  The washing was fun, and Kagome laughed as InuYasha sputtered as she poured the water over his head, then kissed him gently on the lips and both ears to make up for it.

Now, their third night together, dressed only in light kosodes, watching the flames in the fire pit.  InuYasha sat behind Kagome, wrapping his arms around her, and lightly cupped her breast.  Still shy and a bit nervous about the fact she even let him touch her, he let his mouth taste the sweet skin along her neck and pulled him to her.

She shivered a little under his touch, and nodded.  For a little while, he let his hands gently explore her body through the thin fabric.  Kagome pressed against him, running her fingers along his thigh, tilting her neck to encourage his exploring with his mouth.   But soon that wasn’t enough. He shifted her in his arms, cradling her so he could see her face.  His hand cupping the back of her head, he lowered his mouth to hers, gently brushing his lips, then his tongue gently across the soft welcoming warmth of lips.

One of her hands, softly and gently, slid into his silver hair and wrapped around his neck. Her lips parted as his kiss deepened, and their tongues slid over and around each other in a gentle, delicious dance, exploring and tasting.   One kiss led to the next, and then another. 

The firelight painted them with warm highlights. Kagome reached up, ran fingertips across his cheek, gazing into his darkened amber eyes.  She brushed her finger across his lips.  Kissing her fingertip, he kissed her once again, hungrily. Breaking the kiss InuYasha lowered Kagome gently down to the tatami mat they were sitting on, her black hair cascading out in a velvet fan.

He knelt over her on his hands and legs, tossed the bulk of his silver hair over one shoulder where it caught warm highlights from the fire.  Gazing intently into her grey-blue eyes, heavy lidded and welcoming, he breathed deeply of her scent, listened to the way her pulse quickened. 

“I want you,” he said.  His eyes were twin pools of bronze need, his voice hungry, but asking.

“Then have me,” she replied, pulling at the knot of her obi.  With a shimmer of dark blue, the narrow strip of fabric fell away.

“Woman,” he moaned.

Gently he opened up her kosode neckline, exposing the warm skin below.  His mouth brushed her lips, then ran a gentle line of kisses down her throat to her collarbone.

Kagome’s fingers ran over the soft gray linen of his kosode, under his silken hair and across the strong planes of his back as he lowered himself into her waiting arms. Her fingers found the knot to his obi and  untied it.

 As his thighs settled between her legs, his  mouth found hers again, hungry and insistent.  She wrapped her legs around him.

“We should take baths together more often,” Kagome said, smiling into InuYasha’s want-darkened eyes.

“More fun getting dirty again,” he said, rubbing himself against her.

“You have a point there,” she replied.

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