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Poem 7: A Moment Before Retiring

Late night IK fluff and my 7th Napowrimo poem

A Moment Before Retiring

His hand, large,  claw-tipped,
danced along her shoulder,
feather light,
a single claw tracing the edge where the moonlight touched,
the boundary between white and shadow
where the moon kissed her bare skin.

She shifted;
a wisp of dark hair moved,
rested in the pool of light.
Looking up as he moved it,
her gray eyes, almost black in the shadow,
met his amber as he looked at her
a triangular ear lightly twitching
his grin slightly sheepish and wistful.

Taking his hand,
so much larger than her own,
she kissed it softly
and brought it to her cheek.

“Time for bed, love,” she said,
and with a smile,
and a little tug,
she drew him down.
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